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Cater2UTravels Enriches lives through Specialized Group travel that inspires you to reconnect with yourself and create lasting memories with the people you love.

Let’s be clear. I don’t book vacations. I organize Experiences that will allow you to escape from your current reality and explore exotic destinations that will give you the release you desire. After you hit the submit button I will take it from there. Tell me what you want and I will make it happen. I am here to ensure that you don’t have to lift another finger moving forward. Ready to plan your vacation click your Travel type below.

Let me take a wild guess!

You’ve decided to plan your own vacation but have no idea what you are doing?  All your friends are telling you it’s simple and easy. But you don’t see it that way at all. Do you?

Or maybe you do know what you are doing but haven’t booked your desired destination because you are not sure where to begin and the thought of planning your dream vacation is so overwhelming.

Perhaps, you do know where you want to go on your vacation but you are unsure of who will be able to travel with you.  One minute your friends can go and then the next minute they can’t take off time from work.  Whatever the case may be, you now find yourself without a travel buddy. Understanding this more than you know that’s why I have my pre-planned group tours developed with you in mind. Click for Tours

Your bucket list keeps growing but none of the places seem right for you so searching on the web becomes a monumental task that’s taken on a life of it’s own. Let’s face it, everyone’s choice of travel destinations will not suit every traveler.

Better yet, you’ve found the perfect place, the resort is fantastic looking on the web and the online site seems legit but you are scared to make the purchase because you are unfamiliar with them or you’ve heard horror stories.

If anyone of these sounds like you then you have found the right travel consultant to work with. Click your vacation below to Consult With Me!

What if I told you don’t have to waste time, energy or stress over the task of researching for the perfect destination or even finding someone to travel with.

Understanding it takes numerous hours of research and energy to plan a seamless vacation experience for individuals and groups. But you’ll never have to worry over the countless resort options, who will collect the payments, or make arrangements for you or your group’s activities that’s why it’s important to work with me.

My goal is to make your dream vacation unfold while saving you time and resources. Also, understanding your needs and desires for this to be a vacation full of memories that will last a lifetime.

I will take you from the thinking about a vacation to actually planning and paying for your vacation all in one day.

Visiting numerous countries over the years; staying at countless resorts, hotels and inns along with planning Group vacations since 2001; gives us the knowledge and expertise to recommend the best vacation for you and your group.

Understanding you have access to many Do-It-Yourself booking engines and knowing it takes time to plan that perfect vacation. Finding the time becomes the issue. Offering services that give you the comfort of knowing your vacation can be plan with your vision in mind while saving you time is the key.

Make the move and have me plan your ultimate vacation. Click and Reserve your Vacation Type below so we can get started today!

Individual Travel (1-3 people)

Sometimes you want to let your hair down and escape from your day to day responsibilities either by yourself or with a few friends. I get it. Let’s plan something unforgettable that’s gonna to allow you to smile from ear to ear.

Group Travel (4+ people)

Give yourself permission to indulge in spoiling yourself with those that mean the most to you. You only have one life to live. Why wait until a time that may never come. Let’s dive into your wildest desires and plan a getaway that will set your soul on fire.

Multi Destination Travel (2+ destinations)

You want to see as much of the world that you can. You don’t want to be forced to choose. So let’s roll up our sleeves and put together a bucket list trip that you will never forget.


It’s fair to say that you haven’t figured out what you want and you need to gain access to a showcase of mouthwatering destinations to pick and choose from. You need an experienced travel agent to show you what’s possible. I got you. Tell me the desires of your heart and I will make it happen.

What Our Clients Have to Say!

Having to pay everything at once was my biggest issue. I liked being able to make payments cause I couldn’t afford to pay for the trip all at once. We were inspired to work with from all the Facebook post. Faye’s post showed so many fabulous vacation spots and it really inspired me to contact her to set up something. Being able to Eat and Drink all day:-) lol was what we really enjoyed about our trip. I really loved that. Stayed at Breezes Resort in the Bahamas. I had a Fantastic time! Couldn’t have planned it better myself. Staff was GREAT. Everyone was SO Friendly and seemed to be so happy to help us. The food was good, and the grounds were very nice. Very nice resort. This was a Guys Getaway with 2 of my best friends.

Our overall experience was going somewhere fabulous and staying on budget.

D. ColemanVA

I traveled to Ocho Rios, Jamaica many years ago in 2002 with Faye. I most enjoyed the tour through the city on the way to go horseback riding and zip-lining. Both events were a first for me. I also got to see a sloth in person. The scenic mountain view was absolutely beautiful and humbling. We stayed at the all-inclusive Guanacaste resort in Costa Rica. I more than enjoyed the extremely modern design of the resort. It was a complete dream vacation. The staff at the resort was polite, professional, knowledgeable, and welcoming. The grounds of the resort were beautifully maintained. The view was breathtaking both in the day and at night. This was a planned trip with friends. Cater2UTravels surpassed every conceivable expectation I had the entire week of travel. From take off in US to landing in the US a week later.

J. CageMD

Before working with Cater2UTravels, we would plan our own vacations. The issue we had before hiring Cater2UTravels was the great pricing we got with them! What inspired to work with our travel agent, Faye, was that she went above and beyond time help us. Montego Bay Jamaica, We enjoyed Everything! The Iberostar Rose Hall Beach was Amazing and the staff, let me tell you the staff are Top Shelf! We will stay there again. Our overall experience; as you can see from our last statement. We stayed at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Resort. One word “Outstanding” Staff “outstanding” Grounds “Amazing” Food “Outstanding”
We were celebrating my husband’s retirement, his birthday and our anniversary all rolled into one glorious trip! We achieved our overall goal which was to Relax, unwind and to experience new things.

The SmithsNC

Faye provides fabulous service; our experience with her was magical. She’s the bomb!

Emily – PartlowVA

My best friend and I used Carnival vacations before discovering the fabulousness that is Cater2U Travels. We were tired of only getting to experience places for a day at a time, and paying exorbitant amounts of money for libations on cruise ships before hiring Faye. What inspired me to work with Faye because she had coordinated one of the first big trips that I ever went on to Puerto Rico when I was 18. She planned everything, and it went quite smoothly. It was only right that I see her services again for our vacations. What we most enjoyed on our trip was the resort! Both resorts in Montego Bay and Costa Rica were amazing. The food was top notch and the entertainment was great too. I had great experiences at both. Everything was perfect. The staff were respectful and kind. The food was great, and I loved both properties. We take vacations at least twice a year. Relaxation. There’s nothing like leaving the stresses of daily life behind for a few days and being immersed in the rich culture of another country. We are in the midst of planning our next trip with Faye for Africa.

K. Berry

We normally booked online but Faye planned everything and when we arrived everyone knew us by name. Loved being pampered by everyone on vacation. Can’t wait for our next trip.

T. Washington

Faye planned our family vacation to Europe and we never expected all the delights we experienced on this vacation. My son & father are still talking about this trip. We saw & explored so many countries in 2 weeks but Faye planned everything to a tee so we never felt rushed. Her service & knowledge is superb. Look forward to our next vacation!

D. Carter

Faye’s group trips are always delightful and packed with adventure. Our Costa Rica trip was short of amazing. We zip lined through the Amazon Rain Forest, horseback and soaked in the Sulphur Springs, road ATV’s and walked along the black beaches of Guancaste. A most do if you haven’t already.

M. Miller

Cater2UTravels, LLC have arranged all of our travel since 2007 and we love how all of our vacations have been precisely what we needed and they always add something extra.

D. Sturgis


Quality Control

Ensuring your vacation plans are accurate from start to finish including dates of travel, locations, name spellings, and other small details.

Support & Connections

You will benefit from our experience and education as well as our agencies supplier connections. These connections are valuable in locating favorable rates & benefits, and for resolving any issues that should arise.

During Vacation Assistance

Our support does not end when you depart for your trip, but continues while you are away.

Personalized Services

Arranging dinner reservations, limo or private car transportation arrangements, show ticket reservations, shore excursion arrangements, golf tee times, special events, and assistance with obtaining passports & visas where necessary.