River Cruising: A New Experience!


Their is a new buzz in cruising and it’s on the rivers of Europe, the Amazon and other destinations as well. A whole new world has emerged from this mode of traveling. River cruising has so much to offer. Not only are your meals & beverages included but some of your excursions as well depending on which cruise line you choose to vacation on. You have the opportunity of meeting new people while exploring the depths of each city that appears on your itinerary. Not only will the sights amaze you but your taste buds will be in for a delectable treat when you are on some of the walking or biking tours. You can choose to sample the local wines or just visit some of the renowned museums. The choices are endless because you are dock right in the heart of the cities in most of the countries you will visit.

Exploring on a River Cruise is so amazing compare to mainstream cruising. Now don’t get me wrong I still like mainstream cruising for the affordability but nothing is new when you sail on those ships unless you sail a different itinerary. Whereas, river cruising take you to the depths of the country with the sites, food & wine almost an immersion program of sorts. You will gain an intriguing sense of belonging to whatever city, province or country you are visiting at that time.

Well lets take a moment to talk about your next vacation, which may or may not be river cruising. Remember try to make every moment count when traveling with family & friends. Make it a point to highlight all those most intriguing sites, food or shops that captures your soul and enter you mind when you’ve left that destination but long for it. We too often put off those much needed vacations until it maybe too late to take them. I say the next time your family or a friend ask to last do something different or amazing; accept that offer and plan a trip of lifetime. Do something you’ve never done before or take that enchanting African Safari!

Traveling while on a Budget!

At the beginning of the year I attended a business conference not knowing what to expect. I met some wonderful women who have turned out to be really invaluable in their vast knowledge of running a successful business. We often don’t know what it takes to stay in the game. Meaning running your business like a business and not a hobby. To often I find myself spending countless hours working on a project that I know will not be profitable but know I’ve learned how to attract those clients that want to work with me.

At Cater2UTravels, we have implemented some changes to the way we do business. Many of you may not be fully aware of how a travel consultant receives payment. We are commissioned only by the resort, hotels, cruise line and excursions we sell. Imagine working for months and months on an itinerary to receive compensation after your client returns from vacation, or planning a vacation that’s 11 months out which means payday will be a year away. There is a lot of time that goes into planning, researching and coordinating travel plans to ensure your vacation suits your needs & goes smoothly.

Without looking back, I feel great about the direction in which I am taking my company. Incorporating professional fees for all itineraries whether group or individual will ensure being in business for years to come. Many of you know I will protect your precious vacation dollars, save you time and the hassle of spending countless hours on the internet. Thanks to my expertise, I know the options far better than most since I’ve been there, seen the resorts, know the locations and able to zero in on the best options very quickly. My job will continue from the time you book until you return home. You have access even when you travel.