Why wait so long?


Reminiscing over a trip I took some years ago. Trying to figure out where all the time has gone.  I realize time is really going fast.  Do you feel that it’s not enough time in the day to achieve all your goals or to just do day to day tasks?  Me too.  Well I’ve been taking some time to slow down a little and find out where I should be mostly focusing my efforts at this stage in my life.  With all of that in mind I started planning my new course of action and what tools I need to achieve this goal.  But WAM! an unexpected event took place that set me on another path which has slightly deviated me from my original plans. Which has me asking the question does this happen a lot?

Every now and than things happen in our life that takes us off course from our path, So we forget some of the little details that might not be on the fore front of our minds.  I’ve done this several times over the course of this year which in turn resulted in unfavorably circumstances.  But never the less, lesson learned write these things down or better yet schedule them on my calendar for a quick reminder.  Which beings me to the topic of; waiting so long that we miss out.  Have you done this before? Maybe that beautiful handbag on QVC, Macy’s One Day Sale or even a 2-for-1 Sale.  Which has me thinking how this even applies to my business?  Every sale we see has a timeline in which you can receive the discount or extra bonuses.  It’s so funny how these little things slip our mind when not paying attention to it.  My question to you; how do you avoid missing out on those fantastic discounts?

Now back on track.  I’ve learned a little tidbit that has helped me stay on top of those important items, task or sales.  I give myself 20 minutes a night to jot down 4 important tasks for the next day that I dedicate an 1 to 1.5 hours to.  After that I loose focus.  Now everyone is different.  I know, I know you have more than 4 tasks a day to complete! Remember the key is to pace yourself so you don’t miss out on the very important thing you were trying not to miss out on! 

Have a great week! To your next vacation!

What do I need? Passport or ID?



We all get excited with the thought of traveling and sometimes forget the most important. What do we need to get there.  This has happened to me recently when preparing for my recent vacation. I didn’t realize my passport was to expire the end of December and if you are not aware you must be clear 6 months on the date you travel.  So needless to say I had to put a rush on my passport in order to travel. Geesh, that was a close call.  For all my wonderful, happy travelers out there please look at your passport now to make sure your dates are valid for travel.  I hate to see anyone sitting home this summer; upset.  All was good & we were on our way. Had an amazing time with family and a much needed break.  Which leads me to the question of how many of you are getting away this summer?  Well just a little travel tip & advice. Make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen with SPF in it. The sun rays can be pretty damaging to the skin & your health.  Depending on where you are traveling to definitely take insect repellant or wipes just to be on the safe side.  I try to pack a little summer first aid kit which contains the above mentioned items along with aloe vera gel, tylenol & hand sanitizer.  Try to stay hydrated and have loads of fun wherever you decide to travel this summer.

 Just a little quick reminder about passports. For travel inside the U.S. we are required to have a State Issued ID or ID that meets Homeland Security’s requirements. For travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, Bermuda we can use a passport card as long as it’s by land or sea leaving/returning to a U.S. port. We can not use a passport card to fly to these areas or internationally, you must purchase a passport book in order to fly outside the U.S. And in some cases, you may even need a visa. But always check with your travel advisor regarding your visa requirements.

For all first travelers, check with your travel advisor or vendor before purchase to make sure you know exactly what you’ll need to pass through airport security traveling to your desired destination. For more information regarding passports, click here!

Have a great week! To your next vacation!