Tips on Group Travel

Tip on GT

Group Travel comes in all shapes and sizes- luxury travelers, adventure, 65+ and students.  Usually led by a tour director.  Group travel offers many perks such as: pre-planned itineraries, all-inclusive pricing for hotels, meals, flights, cultural experiences and other opportunities to socialize with members of the group.  Some groups can be restrictive meaning you have a tight planned to stick to.  Not allowing you to explore a destination on your own. Be very careful in choosing a group tour that will suit your needs.  If you desire to be less restrictive than an easier flowing schedule may work for you; one in which you can have some downtime away from the other members of the group.  But safety first, definitely let someone know where you are exploring.

Be open-minded when traveling with a group there are lots of cultural elements to experience.  Being shut off to new explorations will keep you from fully enjoying the group travel experience.  Group travel offers unique amenities you may not enjoy as an individual traveler such as ATV cruising, camel riding in the dessert or club crawl.  Enjoyment of activities have increased amongst group members.  The level of excitement is a huge factor because most travelers have reported they wouldn’t have participated in any of the activities if it wasn’t for the camaraderie of the group.  Friendships are amongst many of the benefits one can walk away with along with always having someone to travel with.  Being able to travel with someone is a huge one for many in groups.  Not saying traveling alone isn’t a good thing because sometimes you do need time away to reflect or decompress from everything and everyone.

Be flexible, as you know some things do not always go as planned.  And with large groups it could be a little challenging.  Unforeseen events can take place to throw your whole schedule off, like a city-wide strike on public transportation.  This can cause major upheaval but be patient.  The tour operates will figure out an alternate solution to get you back on track.  That’s the beauty of being in a group, hotels and resorts are more willing to accommodate because they desire building great relationships. Take time to ponder on your last trips and make a decision to at least try one group trip.

When thinking about your next travel plans consider a Group Trip you will never look at travel the same way.