Americans leave a lot of vacation days on the table. Vacations are not only beneficial to our health but also for maintaining sanity and stability in life. While so many of us envision lazing in the sun on the beach rather than working in the office, there are lots of health benefits of taking a vacation that just traveling to one of the most popular spots in the world with a friendly climate. Vacations makes you feel alive and free from the daily stress of life. According to the 2009 International Vacation Deprivation Study by Expedia, over 30% of Americans do not go on vacation for fear of losing their job. So what exactly are the benefits of taking time away from work?

Relieves stress

Chronic stress causes a lot of health implications to our bodies and reduces performance levels both in the home and at workplace. In order to effectively manage the destructive effects of stress on our body, it is advisable to take a break from daily stress and take a vacation. Escaping from our normal life gives the body a chance to repair some of the health damages caused by stress.

Prevents heart disease

One of the major causes of high blood pressure and heart disease is stress. It is however, proven that taking a vacation will help reduce the risks of heart disease. Reports by the Framingham Heart Study in 2010 shows that people who travel more often are on average 40% less likely to die from a heart disease.

Stay focused

Everyone needs to unplug at some point in life to maintain a healthy life and stay focused. Chronic stress is not good for the busman health as it can disrupt the activities of the brain and makes us lose concentration. Working all year round can make people have difficulties concentrating. One of the best ways of combating chronic stress and concentrating while working is taking vacation.

Improved productivity

Upon returning from a week-long vacation, you will find out that your productivity level will be fostered with a great feeling. Vacation is a great way that allow people reconnect with themselves, feel refreshed and concentrate more while working, thus increasing productivity level.

Prevents illness

Stress can cause severe damage to your immune system thus making your vulnerable to varied degree of illness such as cold, headache, joint pain, flu and even cancer. There is no better way to prevent such illnesses than getting far away from work.