What to do in a Weather Crisis?

It’s been all to real these last several weeks after Hurricane Florence. Of course we hoped and prayed for the best but it’s also important to be prepared. The agents here at Cater2UTravels, as well as our colleagues throughout the industry have been hard at work these last few weeks rearranging travel plans for those affected. Certainly, storms like this bring up all sorts of questions from travelers.

“What happens if my flight is cancelled?”  As always, your first call when your flight is cancelled or delayed should be to your travel professional here at Cater2UTravels’. If it is during normal business hours, call the office. Otherwise, you are provided with our 24 hour emergency number as part of your final document package.

“I’m supposed to take a cruise, what happens if there’s a storm while we’re at sea?” A cruise is honestly a great vacation choice during hurricane season. I know that might seem like an odd answer, but let me explain a bit. It’s rare for a storm to affect a port for embarkation or debarkation. It’s more common for a storm to be in the Caribbean during your cruise. Should that be the case, chances are that your cruise will experience an altered itinerary. Perhaps you were on an Eastern Caribbean itinerary with ports of call in the Virgin Islands. If a storm is in that area, or headed to that area, the ships have the flexibility to go west. You might not visit the islands you were expecting, but you will still get the vacation you’ve been planning for.

“What should I do if there’s a storm headed towards my home?” It’s certainly a matter of preference for you, the traveler. Some travelers choose to secure their home and heed the advice to get out of harms way by continuing with the vacation plans they already have in place. Others choose to remain at home. Ultimately you have to choose the option that you and your family are most comfortable with.

“What should I do if there’s a storm headed towards my destination?” This one is a bit more tricky than the cruise question. So much depends on the projected path of the storm and whether or not the destination is proactive with tourist evacuations.

“Should we buy insurance?” Yes, you should always buy insurance when you book a vacation! However, if you choose not to take that advice it might be too late. Once a storm is “named” you can no longer purchase a travel insurance policy that will cover for that storm.

Now if you have an itch to travel this summer and you have NOT mapped out your itinerary, and you want to consider your options. I am available to chat.

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Your Travel Godmother Faye Brown