We are Partners with all of your favorite companies like Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Marriott, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines and many more.  Clients often ask me if it’s better to book their vacation or cruise direct or with an agent. The answer is simple.  Travel agents have access to and arrange for private sales all the time. You will never pay more than what a cruise line is offering. In most cases, you’ll save money and receive exclusive value added amenities like hotel or shipboard credits, prepaid gratuities, wine, room upgrades, coupon and much more. 

You can support us by clicking on your favorite online booking engine or transfer your cruise to us.

Remember you are booking on your own. If you require our assistance click HERE.

**Please read, read your terms & conditions to understand payment & cancellation policies.** 




To benefit from these extra perks and personal travel assistance, you must book or transfer your reservation to us.

If you transfer the booking to us, then you get to keep the same cabin, same booking number, and the same rate as you have with the cruise line. You will also get to take advantage of our offer. The cruise lines have made the process to transfer your booking over to travel agencies fairly easy.

Simply find your cruise below and fill out the form (if required). As soon as your booking as been successfully transferred, we will automatically add your special amenity.



-You may transfer your cruise booking up until 30 days from creation as long as your request is made outside of Final Payment period and the booking has not been paid in full.

-If a booking has a ChoiceAir ticket or if the transfer request involves a change in currency we cannot accommodate a transfer.

-In order to Transfer your booking from Celebrity, Royal Caribbean or Azamara, you have to complete the simple Travel Agent Transfer Form and fax it to the cruise line. The Fax number is on the form. Click to Download Form:


-You may transfer your cruise booking to us within 30 days of making the original booking as long as it is not past the final payment date. In order to transfer the booking, you will provide us with your booking pin number and we will be able to transfer it over for you. Call 410-292-4222 or email support@cater2utravels.com to begin the process.


-You may transfer your cruise bookings to us any time before final payment.

-If you have made deposit on the booking then you must send a letter to Cunard. Please call 410-292-4222 or email support@cater2utravels.com for the mail address and assistance with the letter.


-Bookings may be transferred to us up until 30 days from creation. In order to transfer booking, you just need to send completed transfer form to Disney Cruise Lines. Click to Download Form: Disney Cruise Line Transfer Form


-Bookings may be transferred to us up until 30 days from creation

-Your booking cannot have the full payment on it.

– Deposit on Booking: you’ll need to fill out their simple transfer form and email or fax it in.
Click to Download Form: Norwegian Cruise Line Transfer Form


– Direct bookings may be transferred to us up until 30 days from creation

Your booking can not have full payment on it.

– Deposit on Booking: you’ll need to fill out their simple transfer form and email or fax it in.

Click to Download Form: MSC Cruises Transfer Form


-You may transfer your Holland America Cruise booking to us as long as you have not made the full payment.  Please contact us for further instructions, simply email support@cater2utravels.com


-As long as you made your Viking River Cruise booking in the last 30 days and have not paid it in full, then you can transfer your booking to us. The process is easy, just email support@cater2utravels.com to get started.


– As long as your Oceania Cruise vacation was made in the last 30 days and is not yet paid in full, then you can transfer your booking to us.  The process is easy, just email support@cater2utravels.com to get started.


– Bookings may be transferred to us up until 30 days from creation. It’s really easy to do. Please contact us for details. Only legal residents of the United States, Canada and Mexico can book and/or transfer a Princess Cruises reservation to us (this is a policy of Princess Cruises, not our agency)

We also work with luxury lines like Crystal Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Paul Gauguin Cruises, Seabourn Yachts, Windstar Cruises, AmaWaterways, Avalon Waterways and Uniworld Boutique River Cruises.   Most reservations can be easily transferred as long as final payment has not been made and you are within 60 days of the original booking date.  Please contact me for more information.


  • If you live outside of the US, it may not be possible to transfer your reservation to a travel agency outside of your own country due to various promotions and currencies.  Send us a message with any questions and we’ll be happy to review your cruise booking for you to see if you are eligible to work with us.
  • Special perks and amenities are available on upgraded cabins only.  If you’ve booked a short weekend cruise in the least expensive cabin (inside or ocean view) we likely will not be able to add anything extra to your reservation other than our stellar customer service.


Going Places

I’ve had the pleasure this summer to attend a mastermind event with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the US. We meet as a group twice a year to pool resources and ideas to enhance our business with the focus on experiences we can offer to our clients.

One of the best parts of the time we spend together is when we gather in harmony that benefits our personal and internal growth within us as well as our businesses.  This event always overflow with much needed support for us to move forward in our businesses.  It brings up the question of how do you nurture You or your business?  We to often forget about fellowship with the world so focus on division. Thinking that we are all here to fill a purpose and live out the dream we all so desperately strive to achieve. The topic of going places came up which was the discussion of which direction is your life going? Are you excelling or stalled? So, in answer to that question we focused on each of these questions to help one another conquer that obstacle to move forward. My question to you, where are you in all of this?

And if you answer is: You don’t know? Find a group or event that nurtures what you desire. It’s never to late to Go Places.
Wanting a little help or considering options to Go Places. I am available to chat.

Let’s get You started on Going Places. Click the link to book your complimentary session >>>>>>>>http://bit.ly/ScheduleTalkTime

Your Travel Godmother Faye Brown