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Have you ever been told that you should become a Team Leader?

Find yourself giving advice to everyone you meet who is planning to visit any place you’ve traveled to?

Are you considered the “go to girl” (or guy!) for your friends and family when it comes to planning a vacation?

Do you have a true passion and love for all things travel?

Are you looking for an opportunity to help others experience the most from their vacations?

Have you always desired to travel the world?

Do you like planning travel for you and your friends?

Does travel speak to your soul?

If your answer was Yes to any of the questions above you already have a head start and need a little more knowledge to take you to the next level.

Cater2UTravels is seeking highly motivated individuals with a pleasant and sincere personality who possess great customer service skills to join our team.

You have the choice to work part-time or full time. It's your business and totally up to you.

Cater2UTravels are always looking for travel enthusiasts who are looking to broaden their travel knowledge & help share this passion with others.

Cater2UTravels and your partnership will include the following:

* ARC Accreditation
* E&O Insurance Coverage
* Bi - Monthly training masterminds
* Business Building sessions
* Private Group Page
* One on One mentor sessions (upon request)
* Monthly Commission Payouts (20th of every month)
* Competitive Agent Commissions
* Not a MLM business
* Annual Agent Appreciation Trips
* Agent Travel Perks
* Create CRM System with payment processing
capabilites ​and much more

We are looking forward to having you join our team!

The Possibilities Are Endless!
Commission Tiers & Monthly Commitment
Initial Start Up
70% Commission to Agent with $58.00 monthly fee
Commissions range from 70 - 90%
This is based upon your paid commissions in 12 month
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Agent Consulting Program

This program is designed for the new or seasoned agent that desires help to take their business to the next level with much needed support.

I understand how hard it is to start off as a new agent and get stuck with a question and no one really there to get answers from.

I wish I had someone to bounce ideas off of or to show me the things I needed right away to excel my business right from the start.

Wouldn't you want someone who has experienced and understand the obstacles you are facing plus has already been through it to guide you through it.

I know in a years time; you will need:

* Help with Ideas and Clarity

* Get Guidance on where to Focus First

* You have a Mentor and Confidante

* Marketing Help

* Teach You Work, Life Balance

* Give Sound Advice during tough times

* Most of all, see you through the emotional parts

We would love to have you become about of this program and be about of a community that will support you when you need it the most!

Monday - Friday
10:00 am - 5:30pm EST
11:00am - 2pm EST
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