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We are Partners with all of your favorite companies like Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Marriott, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines and many more.  Clients often ask me if it’s better to book their vacation or cruise direct or with an agent. The answer is simple.  Travel agents have access to and arrange for private sales all […]

Going Places

I’ve had the pleasure this summer to attend a mastermind event with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the US. We meet as a group twice a year to pool resources and ideas to enhance our business with the focus on experiences we can offer to our clients. One of the best parts of the time we […]

What to do in a Weather Crisis?

It’s been all to real these last several weeks after Hurricane Florence. Of course we hoped and prayed for the best but it’s also important to be prepared. The agents here at Cater2UTravels, as well as our colleagues throughout the industry have been hard at work these last few weeks rearranging travel plans for those affected. Certainly, storms like this […]

Tips on Group Travel

Group Travel comes in all shapes and sizes- luxury travelers, adventure, 65+ and students.  Usually led by a tour director.  Group travel offers many perks such as: pre-planned itineraries, all-inclusive pricing for hotels, meals, flights, cultural experiences and other opportunities to socialize with members of the group.  Some groups can be restrictive meaning you have […]

Create your own SCANDAL! The Hottest Hotels in Washington DC – Part 1

ABC’s Scandal has been rocking the television airwaves since 2012. Because of the sexiness Kerry Washington emits as Olivia Pope and because everyone loves a, well, scandal, in politics, it’s no surprise that more and more people are wanting to visit Washington D.C. to enjoy their own scandalous adventure. If you are one of the […]