A Premium Luxury Travel Experience like No Other!

It is a Mature, JawDropping, Exclusive Platform JUST FOR YOU. A time of no drama, no gossiping or backbiting - just PEACE & wonderful conversation with other like-minded individuals. A platform where you'll gain insight to Reconnect with Yourself, Recharge on a Spiritual level and get Comfortable in Your Skin. These tours are geared to UPLIFT, BUILD and CREATE Transformational friendships that go beyond any travel experience.
It's FIRST CLASS Pampering where you'll experience
*Fresh meals prepared daily
*First class transport service
*Exclusive check - in
*Private Pool
*Luxury Multimillion Dollar Estates
*Lounge garden
*Personalized Island Tours
**And so much more.
Hello Exhalers, I'm Faye Brown, your Exhale Tour guide and coordinator. A truth seeker, health guru, intuitive healer and complete caring woman! I delight in fully expressing myself with a kind and caring heart. I bring a contagious laugh to any occasion, and I’m often seen indulging in (and sharing) raw mangoes!

My new favorite venture is creating and designing Ecstatic Tours for individuals and couples. Through these tours I am able to share my love of adventure and travel to exotic locations around the world.
These Tours are right for you if:
*You are everything to everybody
*You feel like a yo-yo in your everyday life
*You are a burned out and never take a break
*You haven't done anything for yourself in awhile
*You would give rather than receive
*You work 10 to 12 hours a day
*You are a parent, spouse, nurse, doctor, or entrepreneur.

And if you're still reading this then I am talking to you!

*You know you need to get away from your day to day, Just Take It Down, Recharge and Relax in LUXURY!!

Each one of these Tours was designed with YOU in mind. We listened to YOU and created Tours that would EMPOWER, ENCHANT and ENRICH each and OF YOU who has overcame or going through something in their LIFE. So take a moment and CLICK on the TOUR PICTURE that appeals to YOU and LET'S START EXHALING TODAY!
FINALLY! A tour that Empowers, RECHARGE and Indulge everyone to avoid the pitfalls of neglecting themselves.

On these tours, we’re going to recover that which was lost in you to create an amazing canvas to help deepen and transform who you once was. You'll absolutely experience an unforgettable time, and the benefits will be so rewarding.

We'll dive deep into:

  • The finer points of what it means to create a deeply transformational life that is undeniable.
  • We’ll help you nail down your juicy gift, a clear promise, your ideal situation, clear your pain points so you leave more excited than you arrived!
  • We'll go over how to align your dreams with what you envision for your future self
  • .…and so much more!
These tours are for YOU if you want that quick but ultimate rejuvenating experience full of PEACE & RELIEF from your day to day. Let's give you the Experience you DESERVE for all the jobs, headaches and heartaches you've cared or cured. You will still enjoy freshly prepared meals by Exhale Tours Personal Chef, personalized T-shirt and a host of other activities.

We look forward to Uplifting and getting to know you on a deeper level. Can't Wait.