Going Places

I’ve had the pleasure this summer to attend a mastermind event with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the US. We meet as a group twice a year to pool resources and ideas to enhance our business with the focus on experiences we can offer to our clients.

One of the best parts of the time we spend together is when we gather in harmony that benefits our personal and internal growth within us as well as our businesses.  This event always overflow with much needed support for us to move forward in our businesses.  It brings up the question of how do you nurture You or your business?  We to often forget about fellowship with the world so focus on division. Thinking that we are all here to fill a purpose and live out the dream we all so desperately strive to achieve. The topic of going places came up which was the discussion of which direction is your life going? Are you excelling or stalled? So, in answer to that question we focused on each of these questions to help one another conquer that obstacle to move forward. My question to you, where are you in all of this?

And if you answer is: You don’t know? Find a group or event that nurtures what you desire. It’s never to late to Go Places.
Wanting a little help or considering options to Go Places. I am available to chat.

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Your Travel Godmother Faye Brown