Why Don’t Adults get a Spring Break?

Spring Break

As most of us know, Spring Break is that time of the year where students plan to burn off some steam from school & exams. But we often forget about the parents that have to take off from work or arrange for their children to spend time with other family members, if they aren’t already in daycare.  But most daycare providers close down as well.  Over the years, I often wondered about what most of the adults; like myself do.  If anyone needs a Spring Break it should be us, right?

Well, I asked a several of my friends how did they feel on this subject and I was astonished at the answers I got. They had never even thought about Spring Break for themselves.  I know for most adults we are so stuck on going to work and living the same routine life we’ve always lived.  But if one year you decided to do something out of the norm.  Try Spring Break for yourself.  I suggested to my husband next year we are going to do Spring Break.  Matter of fact, I will make a plan to try to break as often as the kids do.  Why not, we deserve it, right?  Nah, maybe not taking that many breaks because who’s going to pay the bills. HaHa

Spring Break tends to be the most promising time of the year for hotels, resorts and sunnier destinations to end their first quarter strong.  Florida and Cancun seems to be the #1 big hit amongst college students from my experience.  Budget playing a crucial factor when students are planning their Spring Break for most do not work while they are in school so they have limited financial resources. We are also aware that many of the popular resorts will not let anyone under the age of 21 to check-in to their properties so often older siblings or college mates will tag along to chaperone.  I will definitely look at areas that don’t attract the Spring Breakers, just out of curiosity.

So remember when you child states that can’t wait for Spring Break you have to chime in as well and say, “Me either.”  That will throw them off just a little. But you get my drift.  It’s time for us adults to enjoy life a little and take some much needed breaks to regroup or just relax a little.